Empress Lee Aikens October 4, 2016 - October 4, 2016

Age: 0 day

Empress…My baby girl, Empress. Mommy misses you so much. At exactly 30 weeks, my brain couldn’t process, and my heart didnt accept, the words, “Sorry…There’s no heartbeat.”

At 29 weeks, I experienced the all too familiar nesting symptom. I washed all her clothes, cleaned the whole house, and packed my hospital. Who knew I would be going home without my baby girl in my arms. First, she was right below my heart, the closest ANY individual can be with another. Then, she was in my arms. What a beauty. She was perfect in every way possible. Now, her boy is in an urn, and her spirit is with Allah. This is my depressing blessing…To be one of the chosen mothers that Allah blessed to birth an angel baby.

Until I get to hold you in my arms again, I will forever blow kisses and say your name to the heavens. I love you, Empress. Mommy will see you when she gets there.

Mom- Jeannette Harper Big Sister- Queen-Kamara Aikens

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