Welcome to The Black Infant Remembrance Memorial

“The Black Infant Remembrance Memorial is an interactive virtual community of solace for families looking to keep the memories of their young babies alive. We understand the complexities of joy and grief, and want families to feel supported as they mourn the deaths of their babies. This is the first step towards what we hope to transition into a national monument to bring honor and attention to the untimely and preventable deaths of black babies,”

Kiddada Green, co-creator.


We hope to support grieving families and to disrupt the normalization of black infant death by creating an environment that honors the grief, pain and lost resources in our families and communities.

Recent Infant Memorials


We invite you to share your story of infant loss, the name of your baby, your dreams for your baby as a way to remember babies lost due to the black infant mortality crisis as we fight for birth equity for all black babies. If you have suffered an infant death, you deserve comfort and support. Grief is a journey you don’t have to walk alone. With time and the support of others you can overcome grief and find comfort in connecting with others with similar experiences. With a community, you can become stronger and envision a new future.

Share Your Story

Sharing your story is a beautiful way to honor your baby. Your story has the power to shape the lives of others. Through our stories we can find hope and courage to rebuild our faith and our lives. With your story, we can create a powerful medium for acknowledgment, respect and comfort. We need you!

Write a Love Note

“Be of support to mourning families. As you view the memorials, write a love note. Love notes should acknowledge infant loss, while supporting and comforting healing families. Make the message a short and simple expression of love.”

Precious ones lost before their first birthday

“Unfortunately, infant mortality strikes far too many black families. Too often, infant death has been normalized and accepted as par for the course of being a black mother –this has historically been the case. The infant memorial disrupts this notion and creates a space to acknowledge and remember babies who died too soon. I hope the site will be a healing space for the historical trauma of black infant mortality and serve as a tremendous resource for comfort for all families and serve a visible demonstration to our community that we all should acknowledge it when the most vulnerable among us don’t survive,”

Kimberly Seals Allers, co-creator.

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